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LP950 Printer


LR919 PitBoss

LR913 Force

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X-Weigh 2350


Loadrite L2180 Loader Scale:



Loadrite redefines accuracy with FACT (Friction and Ambient Compensation Technology) with the latest generation wheel loader scale L2180.


Improve profits: Eliminate double handling of material by loading right the first time; Avoid overload fines by ensuring trucks are loaded to the correct value; Reduce haulage costs by avoiding unnecessary trips caused by under loading.


Increase Productivity: Prevent truck turnarounds at the weighbridge, reducing cycle times; Sell more product without adding equipment or personnel; Achieve consistent loading from machine operators regardless of experience.


Payload data can be stored internally and/or printed for hard copy. For comprehensive reporting and analysis of all Payload Data the optional Material Management System can be used to store data over longer periods. This data is easily transferred to a computer for further processing.


The Loadrite L2180 can be installed on all makes and models of front-end loaders and can operate with a high degree of accuracy, even on a slope (with additional sensor).

View L2180 literature for more details

Loadrite LP950 Printer
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Add a Loadrite Printer to your Loadrite Weighing System and get a hard copy proof of each load.


Printer tickets deliver time-stamped and dated hard copies of weighing information, including each bucket load and the total load.


The Printer is robust and reliable with proven performance in extreme environments.


Company name


Time and date


Machine identification


Identification codes such as Customer, Site Location & Truck/Docket Number


Product identification


Weight units (kg, ton, lbs.)


Individual lifted weights


Individual product totals


Shift, daily or weekly accumulated totals


Single or multiple copy paper

View LP950 literature for more details

Loadrite LD947 Material Management System (MMS)


With Loadrite Material Management System installed on your computer you can turn your Loadrite Onboard Weighing System into a sophisticated production management tool.


Loadrite MMS allows you to gather load data from your Loadrite system and transfer it across your site in a secure, paperless manner.  You can also generate customized reports based on loader, product, date, time or any other combination of parameters stored in the database. What's more you can transfer data into spreadsheet packages fro further analysis and generating charts and graphs.


Loadrite MMS helps you:


Manage product inventory


Identify peak loading patterns to improve your business systems


Eliminate the need to enter data or process transactions manually


Confirm the accuracy of information originating from other sources in your plant such as weighbridges or production machinery.

View LD947 MMS literature for more details

Loadrite LR919 PitBoss
Pit Productivity Reporting Solution


The Loadrite PitBoss is the first product to provide you with customized productivity reports, generated directly from your pit loader's weighing data. The PitBoss combines the ease of use of our loader scale with powerful reporting software giving you the visibility to monitor productivity straight from the pit.


Inventory control straight from the pit: Track the tonnage of products coming out of your pit by reporting on the amount of shot rock, big rock, blending sand or other product loaded into your haul trucks. Reports can be run by day, week, month or preferred time period.


Maximize haul truck payload and verify haul truck capacity: Give the loader operator the ability to see just how much material they're loading into each haul truck. Make sure 55 tons is being loaded into a 55 ton haul truck.


Increase loader and haul truck productivity: Determine current productivity levels for your pit operation by reporting on tonnage per hour and cycle times of each loader and haul truck working in the pit. This allows you to confirm whether your pit operation is keeping up with your primary crusher and make changes if necessary. Gain visibility of the working hours for each loader and haul truck, allowing you to confirm that operators are working the required hours.

View LR919 literature for more details

Loadrite LR913 Force


The Loadrite Force is ideal in situations where you need accurate weighing but you don't want the advanced features of product tracking, batch or blending mode, volume conversion - this just gives you the weight.

View LR913 literature for more details

Loadrite LR911 Sprint


Loadrite Sprint is best used on small loaders with less than 2 cu. yd. capacity

View LR911 literature for more details

Loadrite Loadout Management System

Increased Communication

The Loadrite Load Out Management System is designed to facilitate communication between a quarry’s scale house ticketing system and loader operators. Using radio modems and ruggedized in-cab displays, loader operators stay informed of all trucks waiting within the quarry, get confirmation of what type of product each requires, how much product is required and how long the customer has been waiting.

Improved Productivity

You’ll also gain total visibility of your load out operation, as it happens. Through a large in-cab display, this information is available for your loader operators, giving you the ability to optimize truck throughput. If you can see what your loaders are doing, you can better manage them and therefore increase their productivity and reduce their maintenance costs.

Intelligent Reporting

Every movement of your machines and material becomes trackable, turning the Loadrite scale system into a sophisticated production management tool. With this valuable information, you can monitor machine utilization, assess truck turnaround times, better schedule your loaders and identify peak loading patterns.

Improved Processes

The Load Out Management System software provides managers with real time information via a secure website. Selected information can be made available through this site to contractors, regional offices or key customers if necessary. The system also eliminates the need to enter data or to process transactions manually, which improves customer billing processes.

The Load Out Management System is made up of:

A colored in-cab display

A radio modem for each loader

LMS software which can be supplied on the Loadrite server application or CD-ROM

A Loadrite scale (if not already installed on loader)

Loadrite LR932 RoadBoss:

The intelligent Road Maintenance Solution

The Loadrite RoadBoss combines the ease of use of our loader scales, with powerful reporting software that enables you to manage your inventory and ease compliance reporting requirements.

Loadrite's RoadBoss Material Management System (MMS) software gives you the ability to capture load data either wirelessly or by data module for further analysis. You can rapidly generate reports from your PC, enabling you to track stockpile inventory, report on product usage and compliance requirements and much more.

View LR932 literature for more details

The Onboard Weighing System for Excavators


Uninterrupted Productivity

The LOADRITE® X-Weigh 2350TM increases accuracy and productivity by giving the operator a powerful tool to help improve loading accuracy without slowing down the operation of your excavator.


Improved Profits

The LOADRITE® X-Weigh 2350TM ensures you load trucks to their maximum capacity the first time, which lowers your haulage cost per ton. You can also reduce under and overloading which costs time and money.


Unparalleled Support

It's LOADRITE's® service and support that makes us number one, and we're committed to staying there. Our Authorized LOADRITE Distribution Network delivers expert product knowledge and support onsite.